Pentaled N-Series

Manual Diameter Adjustment.

Main Features

  • E-VIEW – An additional light source called E-View (Extended-View) makes it possible to expand the lit field at the edges without affecting the light intensity at the centre (Ec). Such perk allows the light to become an optimal solution for the following procedures: thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, caesarean births and all those procedures when the surgeon needs to operate with an extended field.

  • E-DEEP – The centre of the lamp is fitted with an additional LED module specifically designed to reflect deep light. E-deep means the surgeon can operate with perfect 3D lighting, especially in cavities.

  • INDIRECT LIGHT – Led Lights have thus enormously reduced the lighting emitting surface. Such a reduced emitting surface negatively affects the surgical effect (that of avoiding shadows). Rimsa, conscious of such drawbacks, introduced on its product the indirect light technology which guarantees an augmented lighting emitting surface thus ensuring a good surgical effect.