Medical Lamps
Rimsa Unica
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Your best ally in the operating room.

Medical Lamps
Rimsa U29
Rimsa U29 Logo

A comfortably affordable surgical light.

Medical Lamps
Rimsa E-Series
Rimsa E-Series Logo

Electronic Diameter Adjustment.

Medical Lamps
Rimsa N-Series
Rimsa N-Series Logo

Manual Diameter Adjustment.

Medical Lamps
Rimsa Tris-led
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130 Klx 4300°K.

Medical Lamps
Rimsa Saturno
Rimsa Saturno Logo

For operation surgeries, gynaecology and emergency room.

Medical Lamps
Rimsa Pentaled
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A concentration of unparalleled performance technology.

Medical Lamps
Rimsa Observa
Rimsa Observa Logo

The line intended for outpatient rooms.

A tradition for innovation.

A tradition for innovation.

RIMSA, acronym of “Riparazione Macchine da Scrivere e Affini”, was founded in 1963 by Palmino Longoni. Since RIMSA has always been headed by the family Longoni, today in the third Generation.

Passion, competence and foresight are the elements that have allowed company to comete on the market by adapting the products to the evolution of times.

In 2002 we developed the world’s first LED operating theatre lamp, at a time when this technology was still in its infancy.

Backed by its history, traditions and pride, RIMSA has always put “Uniqueness” at the centre of its organization, based on the promotion of human resources, technological updating, “simple” management, and product quality.

All these elements together lead to the achievement of the corporate “purpose” identified as follows: continuity and development of the Company, professional growth, research, innovation, and acquisition of new markets.

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