Antimicrobial paint and new wheels on RLBI

Asepsis is essential in the OT room, and constant improvement is necessary to make every single object that enters this environment as sterile as possible.  Following this principle, by the end of last year RIMSA’s in-house painting department implemented antimicrobial paint for our surgical lamps. This new paint offers lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, and better looking […]

Pentaled 30N video

The Pentaled 30N video is now available on YouTube! Pentaled 30N is the smaller size cupola of Pentaled 63N, which we already detailed in a previous video. As our other major surgery lights, Pentaled 30N comes with indirect light technology, which, compared to traditional LED direct light solutions, guarantees better shadow suppression, a larger light emitting […]

Pentaled 30N video

Arab Health 2024 Dubai

Next week Rimsa will be exhibiting at Arab Health 2024  As Arab Health Trade Fair provides an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our latest products, services, and solutions while connecting with industry professionals, experts, and potential partners, next week we will attend once again the fair as exhibitors. We kindly invite you to visit […]

Pentaled 30E LIGHT Brochure

PENTALED 30E LIGHT is now available! We are thrilled to introduce our latest minor surgery light: Pentaled 30E LIGHT. Innovative design: the well-known cupola from Pentaled 30E is combined with a lighter structure, making it even more cost-effective without compromising on light quality. Superior quality: Pentaled’s commitment to quality remains steadfast (160.000 Lux, 96 Ra, 60.000 hours […]

pentaled 30E brochure

A new warehouse for a bigger mechanics workshop

After a year of renovation work, on Saturday 16th September 2023 we had an official warming party in our warehouse in Cabiate, now home to the mechanics and metallization departments, which needed to grow and expand. We celebrated the occasion with an inauguration ceremony, together with the authorities of Cabiate and Seregno, our workers and […]

A new warehouse for a bigger mechanics workshop

Pentaled 63N manual focus and diameter adjustment – video youtube

The Pentaled 63N video is now available on YouTube! Pentaled 63N is a surgical light designed for major surgeries, featuring INDIRECT lighting technology. Indirect light offers distinct advantages over direct light, including superior shadow suppression, a larger light emitting surface area, and less glare. These qualities contribute to a safer operating room environment. The N-Series, […]

pentaled 63 manual focus adjustment

Rimsa Società Benefit

Benefit corporations (B-Corp under Italian legislation) represent a much-needed evolution of the traditional concept of corporation, an evolution that looks outward and forward. A benefit corporation is a company which combines the goal of profit with the purpose of creating a positive impact on society and on the environment. By definition, a corporation’s primary and only goal […]

rimsa società benefit

U29 Surgical Light

Our U29 Surgical Light combines the indirect light technology consolidated by the success obtained with the Pentaled Series, featuring an elegant and compact 52cm dome. U29 is a high-performance lamp, strongly engineered but accessible, so that any surgeon can benefit from it. The U29 lamp has been developed to provide a comfortable light without any […]

u29 surgical light

UNICA 520 Surgical Light

Unica 520 is the only surgical light on the market to implement a Double Reflection technology, an improved version of the indirect light technology, patented in 2017 after several years of research. The main benefit of double reflection is the complete absence of glare, so you can just look at the light at any time […]

unica 520 surgical light

PENTALED 30E Surgical Light

Characteristics of our Pentaled 30E Surgical Light 160.000 Lux Light always on focus (no need for adjustment) 2 Temperature of colour: 4.500 and 5.000 K Electronic adjustment of light field diameter in 2 steps: 14 and 26 cm. Much more Pentaled 30E Surgical Light is the smallest lamp on the market with integrated camera: available […]

PENTALED 30E Surgical light

Updated Membrane Keyboard for Pentaled30E and U29

Our products keeps improving and progressing to an easier and safer use in every little detail! That’s why we decided to renovate the keyboard on the Pentaled 30E and U29 model. The new updated membrane keyboard for the control panel on the cupola makes the user-experience easier and more intuitive. The renovated design gives a […]

updated membrane keyboard

THE HEART OF UNICA – Led Module Surgical Lamp

Four years of intense research and development were needed to come up with Unica, a Led Module Surgical Lamp. Creating a truly innovative product takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. That’s why today we’re so proud to show you how each Led Module of Unica is made. The heart of the lamp […]

Led Module Surgical Lamp

Pentaled 28 – Minor surgery light

Like Pentaled 12, Pentaled 28 has its own showcase video on YouTube. As you may know the two lamps share the same structure, but there are some important technical differences, that are a DIRECT light technology, a HIGHER light intensity, TWO colour temperatures and the possibility to ADJUST the diameter. The Pentaled 28 is a perfect minor surgery light, because of its flexibility and […]

penataled 28 minor surgery light

PENTALED 12 – Minor Surgery Lamp

Our Pentaled 12 is another minor surgery light, and for this is recommended for minor surgical operations. The worldwide well—known model Pentaled 12 is now available on YouTube. We have created a video that showcases all the lighting features of our product, including its indirect LED technology that improves shadow suppression and reduces the glaring […]

PENTALED 12 - Minor surgery lamp

Orticolario 2022 – Customised IP69 ALFA-FLEX

During the latest ORTICOLARIO exhibition, the artistic en plein air installation “Alla ricerca di sé stessi”, to which RIMSA provided 5 customized ALFA-FLEX IP69 lamps, won the international contest “Spazi Creativi” (Creative Spaces). Orticolario Como is an autumn event that takes place every year in a botanic garden overlooking Lake Como. An experience between design, art and thematic gardens, together […]

Orticolario 2022

Buon Natale da RIMSA

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! Make sure to grab a cup of coffee and relax Click on the video below to watch it Our offices will be closed from 23rd to 27th December, from 31st December to 8th January  

Purple Unica – MEDICA 2022

“The one with the purple lamp” – Purple Unica During MEDICA many people noticed our booth because of the colour chosen for our Unica. Our Purple Unica is fashionable for sure, but also a choice with a deeper meaning. According to the latest medical researches and trends, OTs room are moving towards purple as it […]




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