Observa Series

The Observa Series is Rimsa’s line of products intended for outpatient rooms.

Main Features


    With its appealing design, the OBSERVA series is a concentrate of technology with unparalleled performance; the very best in terms of observation lamps. The articulated arm provides perfect lamp rotation and stability, while the flexible arm ensures easy light adjustment.

    RIMSA OBSERVA Series is fully in compliance with Directives 93/42EEC and 2007/47 EC and bear the CE mark as Class I device. The Observa lamps are in conformity with the general IEC 60601-1 standard and the specific IEC 60601-2-41 standard. ALFA lamp is in compliance with Directives 73/23 EEC and 2006/95 EC. It bears CE mark as a lighting device and not as a medical device.